Read like a kid again.

Recapture the ease, the delight — the sheer magic — you remember from your reading life when you were a book-crazy kid, in minutes.


Don’t wait for someday to recapture your bookish youth.


Each of our tiny, 1-minute stories fits easily into a busy day of adulting and — better yet — serves as a pathway into an enchanting written world you’ll want to climb inside and live in.


Our stories will re-awaken your inner bookworm with the same sort of magic you loved as a book-crazy kid: adorable animal characters, cozy garden and forest settings, and delicious food.


Picture this …



You’re indulging in a quiet minute to read one of our delightfully cozy stories.


You take a deep breath and read slowly and deliberately, savoring the words and the images they conjure. You’re tuned in to the magic of the story.


And, just as you did, years ago, while reading your childhood favorites — just like a cozy house cat — you feel as if you could start purring with contentment.


Children’s books & stories aren’t just for kids.


Did someone (or everyone) manage to convince you along the way to give up the simple pleasure — the wonder and delight — of children’s books because you were “too old”?


They were wrong.


No shame, no guilt.


If you used to love children’s books, there’s no reason to turn your back on them now.


Indulging in — and savoring — these sorts of stories is one of the simplest and best forms of self-care for your nervous system and your brain.


Just as it did when you were a book-crazy kid, your brain still wants — still needs — the familiar comfort and imaginative play offered by wonder-filled stories and the adorable characters that populate them. And make no mistake: many of these books & stories are as profoundly meaningful — are just as “important” — as anything written for adults.