Where to buy a book


Whether you’re looking for something specific or “just browsing” — where do you go to get a new (or new to you) book? Your local independent bookstore, assuming you have one nearby? Or that online behemoth named after a massive rainforest?


If you’re lucky enough to have a cozy, independent bookstore near you, I hope that’s where you start all of your book searches. (Unless, of course, you only want to read the book and not own the book … in that case, start at your local public library!)


Don’t have a local bookshop nearby? Or would you rather order a book online? Try ordering directly from one of the shops on the list below … or visit Bookshop.org, which hosts online storefronts for indie bookshops and other bookish groups (my shop* is here), and gives a hefty percentage of proceeds to support brick-and-mortar indie bookstores. 

* Disclosure: If you follow one of my links to Bookshop.org — and if you buy a book from my storefront on the site — I receive a small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you. And a percentage of the sale is also added to the pool of funds that Bookshop.org distributes among independent brick-and-mortar bookstores. (Launched in Jan. 2020, the website’s earnings pool has already surpassed $30 million.)

our favorite cozy bookstores


In an ongoing search for cozy home-away-from-home spots, I’m always on the lookout for delightfully independent bookshops. And, to help you in your search for the same, I’ve compiled (and continue to add to) this list of my favorite U.S. shops that sell new, used, and new-and-used books. (The list currently stands at 24 shops, in 10 states, and is arranged alphabetically.)


Whenever you find yourself close to one or more of these, be sure to stop in for a visit!


A Likely Story

Midway, Kentucky
859-753-4962  |  website


Argosy Book Store

New York City
212-753-4455  |  website


Avid Bookshop

Athens, Georgia
706-850-2843  |  website


Battery Park Book Exchange

Asheville, North Carolina
828-252-0020  |  website


Black Swan Books

Lexington, Kentucky
859-252-7255  |  website


Blue Marble Books

Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
859-781-0602  |  website


Carmichael’s Bookstore

Louisville, Kentucky
502-896-6950  |  website


The Corner Bookstore

New York City
212-831-3554  |  website


Downbound Books

Cincinnati, Ohio
513-541-1394  |  website


East City Bookshop

Washington, DC
202-290-1636  |  website


Elliott Bay Book Company

Seattle, Washington
206-624-6600  |  website


Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Lexington, Kentucky  |  website



Washington, DC
202-387-1400  |  website


Lost City Books

Washington, DC
202-232-4774  |  website


M. Judson Booksellers

Greenville, South Carolina
864-603-2412  |  website


Poor Richard’s Books

Frankfort, Kentucky
502-223-8018  |  website


Queen Anne Book Company

Seattle, Washington
206-284-2427  |  website


Roebling Books & Coffee

Covington, Newport, and Dayton, Kentucky  |  website


Secret Garden Books

Seattle, Washington
206-789-5006  |  website


Story on the Square

McDonough, Georgia
678-759-0079  |  website


The Taleless Dog Booksellers

Berea, Kentucky
859-302-8757  |  website


Three Lives & Company

New York City
212-741-2069  |  website


Union Ave Books

Knoxville, Tennessee
865-951-2180  |  website


Viewpoint Books

Columbus, Indiana
812-376-0778  |  website



If none of the bookstores listed here are close enough, and you’d like to find one near you, visit IndieBound and click on the big red button that says, “Locate an Independent, Local Bookstore.”