gift guide for book nerds



Looking for a gift for a fellow book nerd? Or (go on, you can admit it) for yourself?


These are our favorite bookish gifts.


Some are gifts we sell in our own Read. Purr. Shop. Some are affiliate links for companies we believe in and support with our own gift-buying dollars (Plum Deluxe and Bookshop), and others are simply items we love. In all cases, we think you (and anyone you may be buying bookish gifts for) will adore these companies and these bookish gifts as much as we do.


Click on each image and/or description below to go to the various websites. And happy gifting!

loose-leaf teas

Reading time & tea go together like PB&J. And the teas from Plum Deluxe are fragrant, delicious, and made with love in Oregon. If you’re new to loose-leaf teas, you may also want an adorably practical tea scoop and tea infuser.

coffee to go

If coffee’s your hot drink of choice, you can “brew” a cup in your cup with these fancy-yet-easy coffee bags from Whittard’s of England.

Read. Purr. postcards

Sitting down with a mug of tea or coffee and want to jot a quick note (or maybe even a book suggestion) to a friend? These bookish postcards are perfect for the task.

book-nerd candles

Need some nerdy book-inspired scents, in the form of soy candles with cotton wicks? Highland Bluff Studios has lots of great options. (Our favorite is Narnian Woods.)

bookish jigsaw puzzles

Want a bookish or cat-filled jigsaw puzzle to pass the time and engage your brain? Check out our curated selection.

oracle cards - spirit cats

How about an oracle-card deck of spirit cats to offer a splash of hand-painted beauty, inspiration, and magic to your day?

bookshelf art prints

Go from stressed to feeling calmer & more focused in 60 seconds or less, with our Read. Purr. bookshelf art prints.

Read . Purr. Art Club

Want a steady supply of bookshelf art prints, to suit the mood or the season? Join our Read. Purr. Art Club!

bookish scarf

Stay warm, cozy, and wrapped up in a book, with Storiarts’ delightful Alice in Wonderland scarf.

the Read. Purr. newsletter

Last but not least on our list: our own Read. Purr. newsletter, filled with bookish inspiration and self-care tips for book nerds, plus our free guide to falling (back) in love with reading fiction.

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