Help us support literacy

I’d be willing to bet you first fell in love with books and reading as a child.


Those weekly visits to the public library, or to your school library on a Friday afternoon, to check out a stack of fun books for the weekend.


The exquisite joy of deciding which of the offerings at the Scholastic Book Fair to spend your hard-earned chore money on.


Reading past your bedtime, under the covers, by the light of a flashlight.




But did you know that, despite the proven value of reading at an early age, many children here in the U.S. either don’t have books of their own or don’t have easy access to books?


To help change that, we support organizations that offer literacy programs for all and that provide books to the children who need them most.


A portion of our profits are donated to these local (to us) nonprofit groups, to help them with the good work they’re doing to promote literacy and to get books to children. Thank you!


Our local Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning “empowers people to explore and express their voices through imaginative learning and the literary arts,” helping all ages through classes and special programs, and helping kids through tutoring programs.


The International Book Project donates thousands of books to organizations helping readers here locally, across the country, and around the world — all from right here in Lexington.


And, of course, we encourage you to support your own local charities, too, as you’re able.


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I’m Jennifer: reader of fiction, cat whisperer, nerdy introvert. Possessor of a vivid imagination, a massive streak of curiosity, and a love of puzzles. Firm believer in — and ready to help you discover — the health-and-happiness benefits of reading and quiet time, whether indoors or out; “everyday” mindfulness; gardening; and walks in nature. Artist, writer, and founder of the Read. Purr. Collective.