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Whenever we travel, I’m always on the lookout for the coziest, most delightful independent bookstores. But here, I’m pleased to introduce you to one of our favorite hometown indie bookstores, right here in Lexington, Kentucky. (Find more of our favorite cozy, independent bookstores here.)


I’ve already told you about my favorite of Lexington’s second-hand bookstores: Black Swan.


But for new books (and gifts and a “literary café”) it’s hard to beat Joseph-Beth.


I’ll confess: I hesitated putting it on my list of favorite indie bookstores because it doesn’t really fit the basic criteria I’ve established for the list.


Small and cozy? Well, no.


Independent? Technically, yes; although there are two locations of this store (one in Ohio in addition to the one here in Lexington).


Local? Sort of. I love our Lexington version, and we do have just the one location here, but the shop’s headquartered in Cincinnati.


But. It’s also a beautiful store, filled with innumerable books, magazines, puzzles and games, and helpful booksellers. There are also a multitude of gifts, comfy chairs by the fireplace, and a large sit-down café. I could easily spend hours in this bookstore.


And, as an added bonus, if you remember to look up when you walk in the front entrance, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking you’re entering a giant cathedral of books.



In Lexington and hoping to avoid the chain bookstores but still want an ample selection of new books to browse through? Be sure to stop by our local Joseph-Beth.


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