The Summer Goldfinches


Late summer in the garden tends to feel rather lemony. Mama Chipmunk’s grandchildren clamor for slices of her lemon cardamom cake (with a dollop of whipped cream, of course). Everyone tries to stay somewhat cool and refreshed in the heat by drinking tart, ice-cold lemonade. And when the seed heads of the purple coneflowers ripen, the lemony-hued goldfinches return to the garden for their annual feast.

(August 2022)


This is another vignette from our ongoing series of Tiny Garden Stories: peaceful 1-minute tales, full of cozy vibes, delicious details, and generous dollops of imagination and whimsy. Click the titles/arrows below to read the previous (left) or next (right) story in the collection … or (if you arrived here from one of the archive pages), click the “back” button to go to the previous page.


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