Go from Stressed & Overwhelmed
to Calm & Content in minutes.


Our magical, bookish mailings are your lifeline — your portal to Calm Town — helping you feel calmer & happier; vanquish stress; indulge in, and savor, life’s simplest pleasures; and find your contentment. All while giving books to kids who need them.
And all in just minutes a day.



Do one or two (or all) of these sound familiar?

  • Your everyday is starting to feel like a chore, bereft of the simple pleasures you used to enjoy.
  • You used to devour novels when you were younger, but now you struggle to find the time.
  • Or — somewhere along the way — someone convinced you that reading fiction was a waste of time, and you still feel a twinge of guilt when you do set aside time to read.
  • When you check in — online or in person — with fellow readers, you can’t help but feel a little intimidated by the challenges, the “must-read” lists, the endless comparisons.
  • Or maybe you’re like me: a shy, nerdy introvert who believed she should love book clubs … but secretly hated them.
Girl in the woods, holding a book

Go on, you can admit it.

One or more of these pesky thoughts keep bubbling up, don’t they?


  • Ugh. I really need to find an easy, reliable way to relax; this daily stress is making my stomach hurt.
  • I feel overwhelmed and wish I could claim some time — even just half an hour a day — all to myself.
  • My bookish childhood was full of fairies and magic, wonder and enchantment. Where did they all go?
  • I’ll save that book for vacation. I mean, why bother reading a fun book if I can’t devote a full day to it?
  • My want-to-read list is too daunting; I’ll never be able to read them all.
  • I only read 8 (or 17 or 56 or 129) books last year. Is that okay?
  • I don’t always like the book(s) everyone else loves (or says they do), and I don’t want to read the book(s) everyone else says I should. Is that okay?
  • I wish I could find joy in simple pleasures, but each day feels like an endless to-do list of chores.
  • Honestly, I live for those rare, unexpected moments when perfectly-calm-and-happy sneaks up on me. Is it really possible to cultivate those moments and make them last?

Take a deep breath.


All will be well.


There is enough time in your day to read fun books.


And reading fiction does not translate to “wasting time.”


It is possible, and easier than you may think, to rescue your bookish bliss — your calm contentment, your chilled-out blissful joy — from the clutches of productivity and overwhelm.


You can finally say good-riddance to that nagging sense of dissatisfaction, the inability to focus, the yearning for more beauty and wonder in your life, and the icky stress that makes your head and your stomach hurt.


And you don’t have to endure required-reading lists or forced, awkward, oh-so-extroverted book-club discussions to get there.

table set for a tea party in the woods


Introducing your wellspring of calm:

… offering the world’s nerdiest, most whimsical, magically bookish subscriptions.

Our emails and envelopes may not contain actual books, but they will help you discover the blissful contentment you crave.

With our monthly doses of bookish magic, you will:


Stop waiting for someday to reclaim a reading life of ease & joy

Crack open the relaxing, oh-so-good-for-your-brain magic of fiction

Cultivate your favorite me-time each day, even when you have NO time

Reject the misguided notion that reading fiction is a selfish extravagance

Indulge in simple daily rituals of quiet time, even without “proper” meditation

Shun the competitiveness of bookish social media & book-club culture

Harness the calming, restorative power of gardens & forests

Reawaken your inner book nerd and light up their imagination

Find your calm focus in a minute or less, with our fractal-infused art prints

Support literacy efforts, getting books to children, and indie bookstores

What do you get as a Club member?


With each Read+Purr Club mailing, we sprinkle simple yet beautiful rituals, indulgences, reminders, inspiration, and whimsy (hello, Tiny Garden Stories!) along your path like fairy dust. These — along with artwork that invokes the calming power of nature or the simple coziness of a cup of tea or coffee, plus a daily habit tracker and a dash of nerdy brain science — will help you learn to vanquish stress, savor life’s simplest pleasures, and discover the calm contentment you crave.

And if that weren’t enough, you’ll also be supporting literacy efforts and independent bookstores, and helping us give thousands of books to children who need them.


Here’s what’s included each month:


With a Story Club membership:
  • Access to the members-only page on our website
  • Three or more brand-new Tiny Garden Stories each week, via email
  • Occasional recipes from the animals’ kitchens, via email
With a Garden Club membership:
  • Membership in our Story Club, PLUS
  • One 5×7 Art + Story card (original, unique & exclusive to Read+Purr), ready to frame or display on a bookshelf
  • One 5×7 card featuring a recipe from the kitchen of one of the garden animals
  • One small bookish gift
With a Book Club membership:
  • Membership in BOTH Story Club AND Garden Club, PLUS
  • A habit-tracker card
  • Inspiration cards: seasonally inspired ideas for indulgent me-time, whether you want to stay in or go outside
  • One bookish postcard, to keep or send
  • A gift certificate ($15) for Bookshop.org, via email, which also helps support indie bookstores
And, on behalf of each new member, at all 3 levels, we’ll give 12 books to a child.


Sign up for Story Club at any time, and your membership will begin right away.


Sign up for Garden Club or Book Club by midnight on Mar. 18, and your mailings will begin in April.








Choose your Read+Purr Club option:


What current members are saying:


“Pure joy! That’s what I feel when I see that glint of of silver and flash of purple — that friendly tabby cat with glasses — in my mailbox. Jennifer’s gorgeously photographed and cleverly written messages and cards remind me to just be; to smell the apple blossoms; to drink tea mindfully; and to read only for pleasure — especially under a cozy blanket. If humans could purr, that’s what you’d be hearing.” 

— Theresa K.


“As an entrepreneur I tend to work, a lot. Even when I’m not technically working, I’m listening to business podcasts and reading business books. And I love it. But I’d gotten away from reading just for the fun of it. Everything had to contribute or add value. Even when I was walking the dog I would listen to a podcast or plan out my day.

After joining the Read+Purr Club I made some changes. I committed to reading for fun, every day. Even if it was just five minutes before bed (so much better than doom-scrolling). And I stopped doing anything on my dog walks besides just enjoying nature and the quiet time with my pup. I’m not perfect at following the habit tracker, but that’s not the point. I’ve carved some space out of my busy schedule to just relax and appreciate the little things like my morning cup of tea. I’m happier and I’m more focused when I do sit down to work now.

Do this for yourself, and even your dog might thank you!” 

— Jennifer M.


We’re not your average “book box.”


Nope; we won’t simply send you a book that you may (or may not!) want or enjoy, or a random selection of self-care items.


Our Read+Purr mailings offer so much more. Through words and pictures, we’ll actually help you vanquish stress and cultivate your own version of calm contentment each day, each month. You’ll get to choose the books you want to read; and, by using Bookshop.org for those orders, we’ll all help support indie bookstores.


We’re on a mission to give 10,000 books to kids & families, and every Read+Purr Club membership equals a bookshelf’s worth of books toward that goal. Thank you!