Rediscover the simple pleasure of reading just for the fun of it.


Recapture that magical feeling. Reclaim your bliss.


When you think back to your book-crazy childhood, do you …

  • Remember reading just for the fun of it, before your favorite stories and books were deemed “childish,” and you moved on to ”serious” books … or gave up reading altogether?


  • Miss the wonder and hope that you found in the secret, magical gardens and enchanted forests of your favorite books?


  • Remember wanting to crawl through hidden tunnels and secret doorways and end up in the worlds of your books, because the stories felt so real and delightful that you wished you could live in them?


Want to find a pathway back to that magic?



Reawaken your inner bookworm


To feel like a book-crazy kid again,
you need to read like a book-crazy kid again.


Get back to when reading was magical by savoring the same bookish goodness you reveled in when you were a kid …


  • Adorable animal characters,


  • Cozy garden and forest settings,


  • Delicious food, and


  • An enchanting written world you’ll want to climb inside and live in.






Join us in the Read+Purr Story Club


Savor a pawful of our tiny stories each week, and you will …


Stop waiting for someday to reclaim a reading life of ease & bliss

Cultivate your favorite me-time each day, even when you have NO time

Harness the calming, restorative power of gardens & forests

Reawaken your inner book nerd and light up their imagination



Ease. Simplicity. Bliss.


You want magical stories that remind you of your favorite childhood books.


But you’re busy.


So we won’t suggest that you join a book club, or read nothing but children’s books, or even spend all your free time with your nose in a book, as you probably did when you were a kid. (But if you have the time and want to? Go for it! We, too, love to curl up on the sofa on a quiet, rainy Saturday — or on the porch swing on a warm, breezy morning — and read for an hour or three.)


And we won’t even send you a lengthy reading list.


What we will deliver is bite-sized stories — four tiny tales each week — full of tranquility, coziness, a sense of wonder, a dash of poignancy, lush gardens, leafy woods, and gentle breezes that invite you to linger long past the minute it takes to read each story.




What’s Inside?


We offer all the time, peace, and ease you could want.

There’s no chance of “falling behind” with our stories, and you never need to feel rushed.

Want each new story via email (for a cozy little moment of bliss to savor with a cup of tea), on the day it’s published? We’ve got you.

Or … if you hate a messy inbox, we can send you one email each week, with a wrap-up of that week’s stories.

We can also send you a printed “story letter” every two weeks, with eight of the stories sent earlier via email. Want just the print version? We can do that, too.

Join us, and read our cozy little tales the way you want to.


AND: On behalf of every new Club member, we’ll give 12 books to a child who needs them.



About the author


Hi there! I’m Jennifer — writer, reader, gardener, and the founder of Read+Purr.

In my free time, you can usually find me snuggled inside (with a book and at least one cat, of course), or outside — in our garden, in the woods, or on a walk. Like my old friend Frederick 🐭, I collect images, stories, and snippets of nature … and pass them along in the form of cozy little 100-word stories.

And because I believe that everyone, no matter their age or circumstances, deserves to experience the blissful escape — the comfort, the endless possibilities, and especially the hope — that comes from getting lost in a good story, Read+Purr also helps provide thousands of books to children and families who need them.




“At the risk of sounding like a mad optimist: children’s fiction can reteach you how to read with an open heart.

When you read children’s books, you are given the space to read again as a child: to find your way back, back to the time when new discoveries came daily and when the world was colossal, before your imagination was trimmed and neatened, as if it were an optional extra.

But imagination is not and never has been optional: it is at the heart of everything.”

— Katherine Rundell, Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise




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Rediscover the simple pleasure of reading just for the fun of it.