Let’s make ‘rest’ the new ‘busy’


As we head into a new year, do you envision your deliciously blank calendar as an opportunity to do more?


If you’re looking at the upcoming year and thinking about how much you want to accomplish or how many books you intend to read, I’d like to offer this (by my friend and mentor J. Nichole Smith). Think of it as either corollary or antidote to your dreams of being super busy …


“I believe rest isn’t actually about not doing (although, damn, that’s important): it’s about actively being restful. It’s about space, more than anything. Spaciousness.





Quiet contemplation.


A total lack of urgency.

Being restful has become something not fluffy or nice to have – it’s essential to my sanity.

So what do you say – can rest be the new busy?

Can we glorify calm, peaceful stillness over go, go, go?”



Restful bookish time


In the best circumstances, of course, sitting down to read a book is restful.


But not when your goal is to rush through your precious reading time merely to check another book off your to-read list.


Reading is not just about getting through a larger stack of books than you did last year; it’s also about reveling in quiet time, in comfort, and in stillness.


And in the ritual of it all: cozy spot, cat on your lap, mug of freshly steeped tea sitting nearby.


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