Lemons and Limes



The weather had turned so hot that even the bees and the cicadas started taking naps during the day.

Crow and her sisters had flown away on an errand that morning and returned in the early afternoon — just after nap time — with string bags full of lemons and limes, which they delivered straight away to Raccoon’s tree nest.

Raccoon was making lemon sorbet and lime icebox pie and lemon bars and lime fizz and two batches of lemonade, one with lavender and another with rosemary — all manner of sugary, citrusy treats to help everyone muddle through the drowsy heat.


(August 2023)


Story © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
This is another vignette in my ongoing series of Tiny Garden Stories: peaceful 1-minute tales that let you read like a kid again. Click one of the first two buttons below to go to (or back to, if that’s where you fell down the rabbit hole) either the Public Garden archive page or (if you’re a Story Club member) to the Private Garden page. Or click the third button to learn more about my Tiny Garden Stories.


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