Indulge in creative curiosity

Remember when you were younger and your world (both the real world, if only you looked hard enough, right there, at the edges of your vision … and the vivid world of your book-inspired imagination) was full of private gardens, secret passageways, fantastical creatures, talking animals, and hidden doors that could lead to magical places?
Want to know how to revisit that literary magic even now?
Read books that either were, or that remind you of, your early favorites. Indulge in literary, or literal, puzzles.
Whether in the real world or through books: discover fun nerdy facts, explore new worlds, meet new people, “travel” through time.
Sounds deliciously satisfying, doesn’t it?
If you’re ready to join us on our journey of creative curiosity, explore the blog posts below to learn more.

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Hello & Welcome

I’m Jennifer: reader of fiction, cat whisperer, nerdy introvert. Possessor of a vivid imagination, a massive streak of curiosity, and a love of puzzles. Firm believer in — and ready to help you discover — the health-and-happiness benefits of reading and quiet time, whether indoors or out; “everyday” mindfulness; gardening; and walks in nature. Artist, writer, and founder of the Read. Purr. Collective.