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Whether you’re lounging in your favorite indoor or outdoor reading nook for a few minutes (or hours) of quiet time — with or even without a book — or taking a walk in nature, each of these activities has a remarkable capacity to soothe a chattery brain and to promote better health and more happiness.


And this is especially true when you combine these activities with an ongoing practice of “everyday” mindfulness.


Explore the blog posts below to learn more about this practical magic.


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I’m Jennifer: reader of fiction, cat whisperer, nerdy introvert. Possessor of a vivid imagination, a massive streak of curiosity, and a love of puzzles. Firm believer in — and ready to help you discover — the health-and-happiness benefits of reading and quiet time, whether indoors or out; “everyday” mindfulness; gardening; and walks in nature. Artist, writer, and founder of the Read. Purr. Collective.