The Map, part 2



A steady yet gentle rain had been falling all day, pattering softly on the tree canopy, on the stone wall, and on the roof of Old Possum’s snug house.


Several chipmunks, squirrels, and birds were spending the day at Rabbit’s shop, where they sipped hot tea, nibbled on pastries, and lingered over books and whispered conversations.


Around mid-afternoon, a slightly damp Old Possum arrived, carrying his satchel, and ordered a Very Large mug of Earl Grey. Between sips of tea, he spread out the current draft of his map on Rabbit’s worktable, and the two of them studied it.


Soon an audience had gathered round, everyone pointing out landmarks that should be included: the strawberry patch, the cottage porch, the witch-hazel tree.


And then Mama Chipmunk’s littlest grandchild whispered to Possum that he shouldn’t forget the door to fairyland at the base of the old hackberry tree in the woods.


(Mid-May 2024)


Story © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
This is another cozy Tiny Garden Story in my ongoing series: peaceful 100-word tales that let you read like a kid again. Click one of the first two buttons below to go to (or back to, if that’s where you fell down the rabbit hole) either the “Public Garden” archive page or (if you’re a Story Club member) to the members-only “Private Garden” page. Or click the third button to learn more about my Tiny Garden Stories.

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