The Yule Party



Rabbit had gone outside in the late afternoon to watch the sun as it sank below the tree line and turned the southwesterly clouds a watercolor pink. But now, in the full-dark of the longest night, under the watchful eye of a waxing moon, she carried a basket of candles to Old Possum’s house, where everyone was gathering for their annual tree-decorating party.


Mama Chipmunk had arrived with a huge armful of evergreen boughs, which she arranged on the mantel, while Rabbit set one of her newly made cypress-scented candles in each shadowy windowsill, lighting them as she went.


As usual, the robins and wrens took charge of winding Possum’s popcorn-and-berry garlands around and around the tree, snatching a bite of popcorn here, a single berry there. Next came the antique glass ornaments and then, the final flourish: Possum’s grandmother’s delicately carved wooden star, which Crow gently set atop the tree.


Once the tree was complete, it was time for carols and Yule punch and thick slices of Raccoon’s multi-layered chocolate cake with mint frosting.


(Late December 2023)


Story © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
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