The Teacup Collection (part 2)


antique astronomical clock


Gazing at each delicate teacup in turn, Rabbit shared that her grandmother and her great-aunts — in their much younger days, before settling in to this very burrow — were travelers.


The sisters had been to all sorts of foreign and exotic locales. And from each place they visited, they brought back endless stories … and a single antique cup and saucer.


When she was a young girl, Rabbit loved exploring their teacup collection — picking out a cup each week and holding it in her paws while listening to her grandmother and her great-aunts tell one of their many stories.


There were tales of strong black tea with scones and clotted cream in busy London shops; delicate cups of coffee and fancy chocolate cakes in elegant Italian cafes; tiny cups of green tea in the East; sturdy little cups of coffee with bread and cheese in Spain; and so many others.


As memories of all the old stories crowded in, Rabbit sighed, explaining to Possum in a quiet voice that she hoped to honor the memory of her adventurous ancestors in her own way, by creating a cozy place for making delicious new memories.


“Brava, my dear,” said Possum. “You’ve certainly succeeded.”


(May 2023)


Story & Photo © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
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