The Serviceberry Trees



Squirrel was busily gathering fruit that had fallen out of the serviceberry trees when he heard a tell-tale chorus of whisper-whistles and the rustling of dozens of wings coming toward him.


He shouted “They’re back!” and scampered off to Rabbit’s to collect Baby Hoppy, who had not yet seen the cedar waxwings.


They ran and hopped back to the neighbor’s in time to see the show, as a multitude of brown-and-gray-and-yellow birds fluttered and swooped among the branches. Baby Hoppy had never seen so many birds in one place, and she clapped and cheered as the little birds showed off their acrobatic skills while snatching berries in their beaks.


As suddenly as they’d arrived, the feast was over and the birds all flew away at once, amid a great deal of whistling.


(June 2023)


Story & Photo © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
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