A Rainy Morning



Early one morning, before daybreak, it (finally) started to rain. A few sprinkles at first, followed by a brief downpour that settled into a nice, soaking rain.


Nearly everyone woke up in the dark pre-dawn, struggled for a minute to place the sound and then, realizing it was rain, snuggled deeper into their pillows and blankets and fell back asleep.


Rabbit, however (who wanted to give next year’s hummingbirds an additional spot to visit), got up early when she heard the rain and went outside to forage in the wet earth by the stone wall, where she was gathering salvia seeds. The ants were rather put out by her digging — and the earthworms complained about the rain — but when she explained her plan, they all agreed it was a good idea.


(Early October 2023)


Story © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
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