The Midsummer Party



Early on Midsummer’s Day — before the sun was up, but just as the birds started their morning singalong — Rabbit and her niece went foraging in the woods, returning with enough daisies to make several flower crowns, a few daisy-chain necklaces, and even a batch of daisy-and-chamomile tea.


They brought all of these, plus several scented candles that smelled like freshly cut grass and one that smelled of moonlit nights, to that evening’s Midsummer party, where the table in the meadow was laid with an impressive number of snacks to be enjoyed throughout the long dusk — before, during, and after Mr. Owl’s concert.


There were crunchy carrots and sugar snap peas; herb-filled focaccia with garlic butter; mustardy deviled eggs; frosted blueberry cake, decorated with flowers; and ice cream with just-picked raspberries.


(June 2023)


Story & Photo © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
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