The Curtains



The gauzy curtains hanging in the tall windows of Rabbit’s tea shop were ancient, really, having been newly hung when Rabbit’s grandmother was a little girl, living in this same burrow with her parents and her sisters. The curtains had been washed so many times they were quite threadbare by now, and nearly translucent.


But Rabbit had recently been rummaging through a cupboard in the back of her burrow and had found a collection of her mother’s embroidered tea towels. When she showed them off to Mama Chipmunk and Squirrel, they both offered to help with any sewing needed to turn the towels into cheery new cafe curtains.


Rabbit, of course, offered to repay her friends for their time and their sewing skills with hot tea and fresh muffins, which they gladly accepted.


(Late November 2023)


Story © Jennifer Singleton / Read+Purr
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