Be cozy at home

Cozy indoor reading nooks. A cat (or two) on your lap.
Shady reading nooks in the garden or on the porch.
A mug of tea, or a perfect cocktail, within easy reach.
This is it: you’ve found your calm, cozy, bookish bliss and you’re reaping the relaxing, oh-so-good-for-your-brain benefits of a habit of indulgent quiet time.
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Hello & Welcome

I’m Jennifer: reader of fiction, cat whisperer, nerdy introvert. Possessor of a vivid imagination, a massive streak of curiosity, and a love of puzzles. Firm believer in — and ready to help you discover — the health-and-happiness benefits of reading and quiet time, whether indoors or out; “everyday” mindfulness; gardening; and walks in nature. Artist, writer, and founder of the Read. Purr. Collective.