a calm December


December is a conundrum of a month, isn’t it? Depending on the day, it can feel either cozy and quiet; jolly and festive; or over-booked, stressful, and full of forced joy.


Over the next few weeks, let’s remember to take a few moments each day to find some peace and calm.


Did you know that being in a quiet space can reduce tension in your body and your brain by lowering blood pressure, cortisol levels, and adrenaline? 


Fun fact:  Did you also know that you can double up on these healthy benefits by petting a cat? You’re truly doing yourself a favor when you sit quietly with a cat on your lap.


So when you’re feeling stressed, frazzled, or not quite at peace … find someplace truly quiet and — for a few minutes — just breathe.


Knowing how, and — crucially — remembering to breathe deeply when you need a mental break is a bit like having a secret super power that grants instantaneous calm.


Try this: Breathe in — a nice, deep, belly breath — for a count of 5 or 6. Then slooooowly breathe out; if possible, taking longer on the exhale than you did on your deep inhale. Then do it a few more times.


And then: take a few seconds to notice how much calmer you feel now.




Isn’t that better?


Wishing you a beautiful, calm December

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