book “review”: The Uninvited Guests


I don’t believe in “must-read” book lists — or in book reviews, per se — but I do love to offer suggestions. This novel is one of many I’ve read and adored, and that (like all the others here) I’ve found to be particularly engrossing, magical, relaxing, comforting, insightful, and beautifully written. If you haven’t yet read this one but would like to add it to your to-be-read pile, you can purchase a copy at one of the links below.


I’ll admit: I don’t generally put much stock in book reviews, whether they’re written by “experts” or by random fellow readers.


I do, however, take book suggestions from friends. And one of my favorite features of so many small, independent bookstores is the abundance of staff picks.


In the spirit of those quick one- or two-sentence book blurbs, here’s my write-up for The Uninvited Guests, by Sadie Jones. …


Although this book starts out as a domestic drama in an early-20th-century English manor-house, you’ll soon begin to realize that things are a bit “off.” And, then, events take a turn toward the truly strange. I found this book to be delightfully odd, and oddly delightful.


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