a “book flood”? yes, please!


How have your days been recently, leading up to the holiday? Have you found any reading time? Or have your hours been filled with chores, errands, and general pre-holiday madness?


We were actually able to enjoy a few days of vacation, and I spent most of a recent day on the couch, tucked under a quilt with a brand-new book. I mean, really, is there anything better than the delightful anticipation of settling in for a large chunk of reading time *and* diving into a new book … at the same time?


(This is what I’m currently reading. If you’re a fellow fan of The Night Circus, have you been looking forward to this one? I’m absolutely loving it so far.)



That sort of luxury may seem nearly impossible during the bustling holiday season, when we all feel like we’re being pulled in a million directions. But during busy seasons, it’s especially important to carve out as much quiet time as you can. And, of course, one good way to make that quiet time even more relaxing and rejuvenating is to read a book.


Have you heard of Jólabókaflóð — the “book flood”? It’s an Icelandic Christmas-Eve tradition of giving books as gifts — and then spending the evening reading them. Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?


It may be a tradition worth adopting.


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